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A microbrewery among mighty mountains

The Mykle microbrewery is operated from the Omvikdalen valley in the Kvinnherad municipality of Norway, not far from the famous Hardanger fjord, known for the Folgefonna glacier and the cliff of Trolltunga. The valley is a picturesque sight in its own right, with towering snow-clad mountains, green fields and the sparkling sea.

Mykle's owners, Margit and Reinhard decided to open a brewery to build a local identity as well as a future for themselves in the valley. It was important to create quality products that the local community could be excited about, but also had an international flair.

When they contacted me in early 2016 to see if I would be interested in developing a logo for Mykle Mikrobryggeri, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.



As I was already working full-time, the process was slow in places but we quickly settled on a direction after a short round of sketches.

The 'fjord, fjell og fonn' - fjords, mountains and glaciers - inspires everything from the product itself to the design and philosophy behind the brand. Considering the location and story behind Mykle it would have been easy to go with something traditional and ultra-Norwegian, but we decided on a modern and fresh look with a slight nod towards Swiss design.

For the logo I drew a pictogram of the main building on the farm, and the traditional 'tuntre' tree, with the mountains in the background hinting at a 'M'. the font is a tightly kerned Helvetica. After we had decided on the final logo I created four different versions for flexibility.

After the logo was finished the main colours were selected, a green, a blue, a orange and a red, to represent the first four beers to be launched. The colours are quite energetic and friendly, yet dark enough to still be legible when paired with white text. With each new beer, a new colour is introduced to the palette.

Beer bottle labels

Next step was designing the beer labels, and we really wanted to do something original. We looked into possibilities of printing the design on transparent labels so they would stand out on the shelf. 

Only one year after opening, Mykle Mikrobryggeri have successfully launched an impressive range of eight beers, and the feedback has been extremely positive. 

Illustrations & Merch

A set of small illustrations/icons were drawn to portray local features. From the farm we have the main building, the tractor and the barley, and from the brewery process we have bottle, caps, taps and hops. The decorative elements in the middle top and bottom comes from a fiddle that was decorated by Margit's grandfather who owned the farm. 

The Rosendal manor house is also represented, plus popular activities like skiing, mountain climbing, sailing, canoeing and hiking. Kvinnherad is known for its deer population, so naturally that had to fit in somewhere as well. Once the illustrations were done they were assembled in a grid to be printed on various merchandise like hoodies and shirts.

Car Wrap

The new logo was met with excitement

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