Graphic Designer


Photography, Graphic design, art direction  |  Agency: Razorfish

While working at Razorfish in London I designed a series of social posts for the UK McDonald's social channels, mainly focusing on Facebook.

We were very focused on a feeling of authenticity so we tried to use stock imagery as little as possible. Therefore the playful methods used by the design team ranged from photography to illustration to carving potatoes.

Note: Some posts ended up not being used and some of them ended up being changed, so they might differ to the posts that went live on the McDonalds UK Facebook page.

The posts reached a total of 87.529 likes and 3.723 shares.


Facebook posts

Twitter posts

Promo pages

These are a series of promotional pages I made for McDonald's UK while working at Razorfish. They are based on supplied product photography, and there will be a separate page for each campaign or featured product.

Along with the promotion page itself I also created assets for each promotion. The assets are banners, thumbnails and fly-outs to use on other parts of the website including mobile versions.