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Dreams of Norway consists of designers Nina Einarsen and Iselin Strømsvåg. Together they create unique jewelry in materials such as silver, stone, crystals, feathers, wood, horn, and leather. Each necklace is handmade, no two are alike. Dreams of Norway balance the design between the rough and the fine, the masculine and the feminine, the soft and hard, inspired by the contrast-filled and varied Norwegian nature.


The inspiration

The Dovre mountains "The home of the giants" have a place in Norway's cultural history as a symbol of unity and identity. The legends tell us that the ancient kings were born from giants that lived at Dovre. The mountains were the birthplace of heroes and the starting point for medieval pilgrimages to Nidaros. Dovre is first mentioned around year 1230 in Heimskringla (The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway) by Snorre Sturluson

The Dreams of Norway S/S 2013 collection is inspired and named after the Dovre mountains.

The collection is also inspired by Shamanism, practiced by the Sami people of Norway. In the old culture, human relationships with the two realms of reality, the physical world ‘this side’ and the spiritual world ‘the other side’, were bridged by the activities of the special men and women called the Noaidi.

I played around with the ideas of bridging the two realms of reality, and found a lot of inspiration in ancient geometric principles where the circle represents the spirit, the square represents the physical world and the triangle is the bridge between the two. 

The design



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