EPPING FOREST cinemagraphs

Epping Forest is an area of ancient woodland on the border of Greater London and Essex. It's notorious for its hauntings and criminal associations, the forest being a popular burial site for murder victims.

I wanted to communicate the eerie atmosphere of the Epping Forest by capturing small filmclips while walking through the area, and then later turn them into cinemagraphs.





Things that never happened

A couple of collages that were intended for a album cover but the project fell through.



The dreamtime



Follow me on silent paths




Lykkeland was my final project in graphic design school. It's a nostalgic little book with photos from my family's cabin which is very old and holds fond memories from several generations. 

Lykkeland won the silver diploma for best graphic design by a student in the 2010 Sterk Reklame, a Norwegian competition for the advertising industry. I did all the photography and design myself.