Danielle Hornyak is a Californian designer and jeweler that creates beautiful handmade jewelry from her Los Angeles studio. She uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to create her jewelry and each piece is first born on paper and then designed and fabricated in metal. Her goal is to create beautiful pieces of lasting quality that be worn and used daily. 

Please visit her website and online store at daniellehornyak.com

Danielle contacted me and asked me if I could make her a logo. After some thinking it was clear that she would need different variants of the logo to work on different formats like online, posters, business cards and stamps. The jewelry pieces themselves would also have a small brandmark imprinted so the ability to shrink and shorten the logo when  needed was absolutely essential.

As a metalsmith, Danielle wanted to emphasize the craft behind her work so I made icon-like illustrations of all the tools she uses. Danielle describes her philosophy as 'capturing fleeting memories and moments' and connecting all the tools into one illustration piece is a nod to everything that goes into her work.